Thursday, November 21, 2013

Versatile and quiet

Pulp is nice and dry. Super easy to 2 minutes if cleaned immediately following juicing. Does wheatgrass!! Minimal food prep so very fast to process. Used several times a day and is a good work horse. Feeder tube is long enough that food doesn't bounce out before you insert the pusher. That was problematic on the Hamilton Beach. People have complained about the catching bay not being large enough but I don't find that much of a problem. I juice a lot of lemons so I must empty my compost worthy pulp first before adding lemon as my final ingredient to any detox drinks. (Citrus pulp can't go in compost pile.) Rpms are high enough to extract juice quickly without heating up juice and destroying enzymes. I've owned 6 juicers in the last 20 years and this one outperforms them all in ease of use, ease to clean, versatility to extract things like wheatgrass (not many juicers do this well if at all), quietness of motor, and amount of juice extracted. Juicing has been my lifestyle and I've got 20 yrs of experience. This juicer is the best for your money. I've used $40 versions and $400 versions. The Fusion Juicer has the best combinations of features for the money.

A couple of general juicing tips for successful juicing: start and end your juice drink with the wettest ingredient like grapes or cucumbers. Even a splash of water or coconut water is nice. This helps clean the base of the blade. When juicing wheat grass or leaves like kale or spinach it's best to bunch them into a bigger singular group before inserting in the feed tube. Otherwise inserting a small batch of grass or leaves will literally bounce out of any centrifuge style juicer into the catch bin before you even get your pusher into the feed tube. They won't get extracted properly. Happy juicing!!

Black - stainless Steel - Fusion Juicer
This Fusion Juicer provides rapid nutrition and fresh juice in just seconds. The Fusion Juicer features superior extraction and with its clear design you can watch it juice! The extra-large round feeder accommodates most fruits and vegetables. This juicer also features a whisper-quiet 3,600-RPM motor. The easy-clean filter/blade and dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easier. Includes full-color juicing recipe book.